Thursday, April 17, 2014

Road Trip - Day 6

Wednesday started with donuts.  That's a very good way to start.

Grandma gave us a tour of the bakery, and we each picked 2 donuts to try.

As you can see, Daphne didn't like them AT ALL.

In the afternoon, there was time to knit and read.

And in the evening, we went to a little league softball game.  It was cold out, but fun to watch our cousin play ball.  Flat Stanley came along. 

Today is our last full day here.  We'll be having lunch at my old elementary school, but that's the only thing we have planned.  I'm looking forward to a nice relaxing day with the family.  Starting..NOW.  Bye!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Road Trip - Day 5

The sun has just set on Day 5 of our Big Spring Break Road Trip of 2014.  I was happy to wake up this morning and find NO snow on the ground.  It was cold, though.  My pedicure is being completely wasted.

We took my grandma out to lunch, and spent the rest of the day hanging out at the house.  I did some knitting and Daphne worked in the garage with Grandpa.

Together, they made a cool little wooden boat that got a test-float at bath time with one of Daphne's old Little People as Captain.  It worked!  I especially love the sail.  It's sort of Moonrise Kingdom-y.

I helped with dinner.  We had some great Indian food.  I made some curried chickpeas, and they were a hit.  I will have to get a copy of the recipe so I can make them at home.  

After dinner, Jeff took us to the Zesto, because we really haven't had enough desserts since we've been here.

I had a chocolate malt, as usual.  It was delicious, as usual.

Then we watched the Rangers again, and Chief fell asleep again, which told me it was time for bed.  

Tomorrow - the bakery.  Then, the sugar detox begins.  

Monday, April 14, 2014

Road Trip - Day 4

It rained all morning, and we did errands and went to lunch with my mom.  Then, I got a pedicure.  Now my toes are purple and I'm all ready for springtime and flip-flops.  Except now it's supposed to snow tonight.

Daphne spent the afternoon hanging out in the garage with Grandpa.

I went to dinner with my brother at the grilled cheese place in Louisville.

My sandwich was great, but the soup was just OK.  Needed seasoning.

The star of the show was dessert.  First, there was a s'more with chocolate, marshmallow mascarpone, and graham crackers.  Then there was a glazed donut, which was sliced in half and turned inside out.  Then they stuck the s'more between the donut slices and grilled the whole thing like a grilled cheese.  This thing is genius.  What a great idea.  Elvis would have loved it.

This vacation food is going to kill me.  

After dinner, we went to a good record store.  I got She and Him Vol. 3 and an Iron and Wine radio broadcast thing on vinyl, and the new Beck CD.  Louisville is really cool.  I don't think a lot of people know that.  Seriously, there is a lot going on there.

Now, we're watching the Rangers.

Chief is sound asleep, upside down on the couch.  Another good day.

Tomorrow, we're taking my grandma to lunch.  Possibly in the snow.  I will be having a salad.

Road Trip - Day 3

Sunday was about food and family.  I got my Zesto chili dog.  

Then, we had some awesome orange cake from the bakery where my mom works.

With Blue Bell ice cream...the best ice cream in the country.  Blue Bell is made in Texas, and I can't get it in Virginia, but they have it at the Kroger in Indiana.  I may take some back home with me in a cooler.  I miss Blue Bell ice cream.

In the evening, we met the extended family out for barbecue.  I had Big Red.  I haven't had Big Red in a million years.  It was extra good because it was in a glass bottle.

I sat at the kids' table.

Some people enjoy having their picture taken more than others.

After dinner, we went to a place that makes ice cream instantly, right before your very eyes, using liquid nitrogen.  It was cool.  The ice cream of science.

Plus, it tasted pretty good!

Ended the day watching Elvis Costello and Morrissey with my brother.  Another good day.  

Today it is raining, and we have no real plans.  Maybe I'll sneak in a little knitting.  But first, I need to go find Daphne.  She is working on "top secret plans."  That concerns me.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Road Trip - Day 2

Saturday morning, we woke up to a foggy view of the Elk River, so we took a little hike before breakfast.

Breakfast was delightful.

Coffee, fruit, scones, eggs, bacon, and polenta cakes by the fire with my favorite kid.

Then we hit the road.  It was smooth sailing this time.  No "adventures."

I forgot to mention our unexpected companion, Flat Stanley, who was excited to be in five different states in two days.  We were welcomed to Kentucky by this Five-Lined Skink:

And we were welcomed to Indiana by lots of good puppies and people:

And it wouldn't have been a proper welcome without the Blue Angels.

They flew right over the house.  

Plus, there was my mom's spaghetti.   And later, some delicious Thai food with my brother.  A good day.

Day three is just getting underway.  I had a nice cup of coffee on the deck and saw a gigantic great blue heron.  Today, there will be chili dogs, and dinner out with the whole extended family.  

Road trips are awesome.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Tales from the Road - Day 1

Rest Stop Photo Op

The helicopter sounded like it was getting closer.  And closer.  And pretty soon it sounded like it was going to land on the roof of the car.  

But when I looked in my rearview mirror and saw my back driver's side tire bouncing wildly south on northbound 15, I realized it wasn't a helicopter making that horrible noise.

The good things were that A) it wasn't raining, B) I didn't bend the rim, and C) there were NO LIONS.  The worst thing was that I really really had to go to the bathroom.  But that would have to wait a while.

Daphne was a real trooper.  We were on the side of the highway for at least half an hour, waiting to be rescued.  A nice construction worker called the Maryland state roadside assistance people for us, but a very kind stranger stopped by before they could arrive, and he put on my spare.  There are still good people out there in the world.  I was glad Daphne was there to see that.  We have vowed to do something kind for a stranger during our trip.  I hope the opportunity presents itself.

The spare tire I have is just a donut, so we made our way into Frederick and found a Mister Tire Auto Shop.  With a BATHROOM!  Hallelujah!  First thing's first, you know!  We were out of there and back on the road within about 40 minutes with a brand new tire.  Thank you, Mister Tire of Frederick!

We were only about 90 minutes later than we'd hoped when we arrived at our beautiful, comfortable, West Virginia bed and breakfast.  We had a fantastic dinner, a delightful conversation, and dessert.  And now, Daph is sound asleep.  Big day for a little Peanut.

Tomorrow, we're planning a little early morning walk along the Elk River before we go to breakfast, and then we'll head for Indiana.  (I don't think "The I-N" is gonna catch on).  I'm hoping for a little less "adventure" tomorrow than we had today.

If you are ever driving through the Middle of Nowhere, West Virginia, and you need a place to stay, I highly recommend Cafe Cimino in Sutton.  It is run by a very nice lady and her husband, who is a real chef.  Imagine THAT in West Virginia!  Seriously, the best food I have ever had in this state.  No roadkill on THIS menu!  

OK.  Time for some sleep.  Goodnight from the Dubya-Vee-Ay!

A Flashback Friday Triple Shot

Daphne and I are heading out on a road trip to Indiana today.  Does anyone call Indiana "The I-N?"  I think I'm gonna try to start that if it isn't already a thing.  There we are, above and below, visiting The I-N in 2007.  Doesn't my grandma look cool in her sunglasses?

This will be the first big road trip for me and Daphne on our own.  We're staying someplace fancy in West Virginia tonight.  It may in fact be the ONLY fancy place to stay in West Virginia!  Then tomorrow, we'll finish our trip.  Zesto, get ready.

Happy Belated Sibling Day to my brother.  I didn't even know there was such a day.  I think Facebook made it up.  Anyway, I'm glad to have mine.  And I'm looking forward to seeing him tomorrow FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE THANKSGIVING WHICH IS RIDICULOUS.  In this picture, we have been caught stealing marshmallows from a cabinet at my grandparent's house sometime in the early 1970s.  My grandpa built that cabinet, and now I have's in Daphne's room, filled with books.  I think he would like that.

Time to pack and hit the road.  Adventure awaits!  

Monday, April 07, 2014

Hipsters and Chickens, etc.

Finally.  Spring, for real.  There are flowers outside to prove it.  It's been unusually busy around here, and I haven't made the time to sit down and blog, so I have some catching up to do.

In Girl Scout news, there is a big troop art show coming up, and the girls have been painting.

Everything they have done is fantastic.  I can't wait for the show.  Here is a sneak preview of one of Daphne's paintings.  This one is called "STARVING!"  I is apparently upside down.

Saturday was our 11th anniversary.  There we are, 11 years ago, below.  That was a fun day.

Saturday night, we went out to celebrate.

On our way downtown, there were some chickens.  !!!???

We had a great dinner at the Wine Kitchen, and saw two really good local bands at the Tally Ho.  These guys are the Woodshedders:

It's funny, because there really aren't a lot of hipsters in Leesburg, but we always see a few when we go see bands at the Tally Ho.  This time, I must have been tired, because the hipsters got on my nerves more than usual.  There was one girl who looked just like Winona Ryder from the Reality Bites era.  She was "smoking" some kind of pretend cigarette that the kids like these days.  It lights up blue on the end, and smells terrible, like some sort of really strong bad incense.  It was just as gross as a real cigarette.  How do these things work?  Are there tiny batteries in them?  Anyway, Fake Winona Ryder was there with a guy known to me only as "Hair-Do."  Hair-Do had a white man's afro that was impressively tall and completely out of control.  Fake Winona and Hair-Do liked to dance, but not just in one spot.  They sort of did laps.  FWR's dance was kind of like the chickens we saw earlier in the night...just sort of strutting around in circles, nodding her head up and down and occasionally turning in a little spin move.  Hair-Do was more of a "back and forth" dancer, and always seemed a little unstable, on the verge of toppling over, which was scary because he was a big guy and could have easily crushed FWR or any other small-ish person if he fell on them.  Then, there was this hippie guy who just sort of swayed back and forth, but he swayed too close to me and he smelled like peanut butter sandwiches, so I moved away from there pretty fast.

The music, however, was fantastic.  Especially the Woodshedders.  Those guys are really talented.  I don't even know how to describe it.  Kind of a melange of Swing, Bluegrass, Old Country, and Funk.  Really really cool.  

So, happy anniversary to Kev, and thanks for 11 good years and a REALLY fun night out with the hipsters and chickens.  Here is what we looked like the next day:

We spent most of yesterday in the cul de sac, pogo-ing and scootering and biking and drawing things with sidewalk chalk.  It was sad to have to come inside.

In other news, I am gearing up for my knitting classes at the Finch.  I'll be teaching this beginner scarf:

and this intermediate one:

And on Friday, I'll be heading out on a road trip with this little goofball.  

I can't wait!  Tales of adventure are sure to come.

But now, I have to get going on my day.  Lots to do this week to get ready for our trip.  This week's meal plan requires some extra thought, because I want to have some things to leave behind for Kev to eat while we're gone. And I have to get ready for Easter before I leave.  And clean and pack and all that good stuff.   

OK...less talk, more action.  See ya later!